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Trespasser Eviction

If you have trespassers on your land we can usually have them off in 24 hours when using common law.

It does not matter what these people call themselves be it New Age travellers, Gypsies, Squatters or Travellers, as the land owner you have a common law right to evict them from your land in order to regain possession.

Commercial Rent Arrears Collection

Commercial rent arrears recovery is the fastest and cheapest way to recover your Commercial rent without going to court.

As a commercial landlord, even under the new bailiff regulations, you still hold a special creditors privilege that no other type of creditor has. This is to use Certificated Bailiffs or Certificated Enforcement Agents as we are now called to execute warrants.

Lease Forfeiture

We can evict commercial tenants without the need for a court order.

Most commercial leases contain a forfeiture clause which says we can take possession of your property without a court order subject to some conditions. It is a very effective way to get your property back, or get a tenant to pay.

County Court Judgments

If your County Court Judgment (CCJ) is for above £600 we can get this enforced for you via the High Court.

We work with a panel of authorised High Court Enforcement Officers. High Court Enforcement Officers have extensive powers including the right to force entry to commercial properties where necessary.

Debt Recovery

Business to Business Debt Recovery

We provide a free business to business debt recovery service.The fee for our debt collection service is added to the debt in the same way as court and legal coats.

We operate on a no collection no management fee basis if we are unable to collect - court fees are payable.

Statutory Demands

The Insolvency Act basically says that if a company or individual owes you £750 or above and has not got a legitimate dispute, then they must pay you in full or come to an agreed arrangement within 21 days of having a statutory demand served upon them.

Failing to do so they risk being made bankrupt (individual), or a winding up petition(company).

Business to Consumer Debt Recovery

Business to Consumer debts, or Landlords collecting from tenants, usually starts with telephone calls and a letter sequence. This approach often results in the debt being collected without the need or cost of going through the courts.

Tenancy debts the lease usually makes provision that the landlord can recover any costs of collection in addition to his rent arrears.

Visits & Legal Proceedings

Sometimes the letters and phone calls we make to chase the debt don’t work. Two other alternatives are the door step visit or issuing legal proceedings.

The door step visit is to make contact and request them to pay. The Enforcement Agent cannot enforce anything without a court order.

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