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Polygraph Lie Test
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Commercial Polygraph Tests

The use of polygraph tests in a business situation is a complex matter. Involvement and direction by the Human Resources department is essential to ensure that all staff relation and legal issues are properly accommodated.

Polygraph testing may be appropriate in three situations:

  • New employee vetting process.
  • Regular employee monitoring process.
  • Incident investigation.

No polygraph test can happen without full cooperation from the subject. All polygraph tests require the subject’s full consent together with the their active participation. Therefore, the polygraph test must be perceived by the person as being a process option to be followed in their own interests – not just in the organisation’s interest.

Although polygraph tests are not usually admissible in UK courts, a judge can decide to take polygraph test results into account when adding to the weight of other evidence. Polygraph evidence has sometimes been used in UK industrial tribunals.

Although a polygraph test result is not admissible on its own, it can be a useful intelligence tool to direct an investigation so that other admissible evidence is found more efficiently.

Polygraph Test Questions

To help you in considering a polygraph test in a commercial situation, get in touch with UK Polygraph Services to discuss the issues and value to your specific internal circumstances. As professional investigators we can advise on the various options.

UK Polygraph Services

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The Subject

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Polygraph Lie Test

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  • Employee vetting
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About the test

  • 1½ to 2 hours
  • Quiet location
  • Immediate results
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