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Bluemoon Investigations
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Bluemoon Investigations services

Bluemoon Investigations

Formed in 1980, Bluemoon Investigations is a long established private investigation business.

Bluemoon Investigations offers a wide range of services for Commerce, Industry, the Legal Profession and the General Public.

Private Investigation services for Individuals

  • Family relationships - partner and matrimonial investigations, surveillance, electronic surveillance, divorce enquiries, vehicle and asset tracking, polygraph lie detector tests.
  • Other relationships - adoption enquiries, domestic staff background checks, spy cameras, peace of mind enquiries, forensic services.
  • Tracing - missing persons, finding friends, tracing workmates, locating missing family, adoption enquiries.

Private Investigation services for Business

  • Business support - test purchasing, security surveys, close protection, VIP protection, tracing missing persons, polygraph lie detector tests.
  • Business intelligence - due diligence enquiries, competitor intelligence, financial investigations, fraud examinations, lifestyle checks, employee absenteeism.
  • Solicitor support - finding missing persons, tracing beneficiaries, probate enquiries, locating business assets, evidence gathering, matrimonial surveillance, process serving.
  • Background enquiries - pre & post employment investigations, staff vetting, management vetting, CV checks, statements as to means, pre-sue status enquiries.
  • Claims investigations - accident at work claims, fraudulent insurance claims, life insurance claims, RTA claims (Road Traffic Accidents), locus reports, theft of goods in transit, interviewing, witness statements.
  • Physical and electronic surveillance - industrial espionage investigations, internal loss (shrinkage) investigations, theft investigations, electronic surveillance counter measures.

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